James S. Twerdahl & Associates, Inc.


Analytical. Practical. Action-oriented.

Select Client Projects

Business Planning

  • Developed a corporate wide strategic planning system for a manufacturer of dental products and trained approximately 30 managers in the development of strategic and tactical annual plans.
  • Led a planning retreat for a consumer electronics manufacturer to assist in profit improvement and diversification.
  • Initiated market studies and created business plan with pro forma statements for start-up foodservice provider.
  • Developed plans for a regional trucking firm to allow it to obtain growth capital.
  • Developed long range strategic plans for business diversification and implemented plans to launch two new business segments for a craft products manufacturer.
  • Formulated acquisition and diversification plans for a leading regional flour miller.
  • Developed the initial business plans for a dot.com service business.
  • Created and launched plans for the entry into a niche in the consumer electronics industry.
  • Developed strategic business plan, solicited and negotiated financing with venture capitalists for the holder of a nationwide paging license.
  • Adjusted go-to-market strategy for a manufacturer of material handling equipment.
  • Developed strategy to reduce the numbers of returns from big box retailers for a manufacturer of home decor products.



  • Consulted and advised founders and owners in business planning and capital raising in a wide variety of industries.  
    • Medical devices
      • Instruments and procedures to treat genetic disease
      • Dental implants
      • Dental diagnostics
    • Audio and video products
      • Wireless high fidelity and high definition video.
      • Sound enhancement software for streaming and other devices.
    • Online services and marketing
      • Online life safety training for high rise buildings.
      • Marketing of dog related products and services.
      • Marketing of nutritional supplements.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Initiated, negotiated and closed the acquisition of a manufacturer of commercial walk-in refrigerators by a larger company in the same industry.
  • Initiated and closed a major investment by a large private equity firm into a fast growing, very profitable apparel manufacturer.
  • Initiated the acquisition of a troubled residential lighting manufacturer by an industry leader.
  • Initiated, negotiated and closed the acquisition of a manufacturer of audio and video accessory products for a larger consumer electronics company.
  • Performed due diligence on the acquisition of one loudspeaker company by another.
  • Team member for the acquisition of a small institutional foodservice appliance maker for a larger foodservice company.
  • For a major private equity firm, led the marketing team in a 22 member team for the potential acquisition of a $7 billion international electronics firm.
  • Acted as a principal in the acquisition of:
    • A manufacturer of ceramic glazes.
    • A manufacturer of metal tool boxes and other sheet metal products.
    • The largest retailer of mattresses on the West Coast.
  • Initiated, performed due diligence and negotiated the acquisition of a $150 million furniture manufacturer.
  • Acquired a division of a large manufacturer of craft and hobby paints.
  • Completed due diligence on the manufacturer of two manufacturers of consumer electronics and did not close the acquisitions based on due diligence findings.



Jim and his associate Lee trained our entire management team in developing strategic plans. We were able to sell the company for top dollar at the height of the recession.
— COO Medical Device Company

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